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Auto Build Marlin

Auto Build Marlin” is a Visual Studio Code extension that provides a one-button interface to build and upload Marlin Firmware to your selected MOTHERBOARD. This removes the need to edit your platformio.ini file or scroll through a long list of Marlin environments.


  • Click the “Extensions” button on the left of the VSCode window to show the Extensions: Marketplace panel.
  • Type “Marlin” into the search box at the top.
  • Locate Auto Build Marlin in the list and click Install. (PlatformIO will also be installed automatically.) Auto Build Marlin extension


  • Launch Visual Studio Code and open up your downloaded Marlin Firmware project folder (not the “Marlin” folder within it). If you have the “PlaformIO Home” home tab open, you can use the Import Project… button instead of the Open command.

  • With Marlin open in VSCode, the “File Explorer” should be firmly rooted in your Marlin Firmware folder: AutoBuild Icon

  • Click the Auto Build Marlin icon AutoBuild Icon in the Activities Bar to bring up the Auto Build Marlin options bar. AutoBuild Menu

  • Click the “Show ABM Panel” button or one of the tool icons to open the Auto Build Marlin panel and initiate a build, upload, etc. If there are multiple environments for your MOTHERBOARD you will need to choose one first.

    Icon Action
    Build Start Build to test your Marlin build
    Upload Start Upload to install Marlin on your board
    Debug Start Upload (traceback) to install Marlin with debugging
    Clean Start Clean to delete old build files
    Config Open the Configure panel
  • The Auto Build Marlin panel displays information about your selected MOTHERBOARD and basic machine settings. Available build environments are listed at the bottom along with the date and time of your last build. AutoBuild Popup

    • Click the “Build” button to test your Marlin build.
    • Click the “Upload” or “Debug” button to install Marlin onto your board.
    • Click the “Clean” button to delete old build files.