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M665 - Delta Configuration

none Set delta geometry values DELTA


Delta machines are very fast and accurate when tuned. The first key is to make sure all your dimensions are set correctly. Even small errors in these values can lead to curved movements and failed prints. To ensure the best delta experience, use this command in conjunction with G33 to get these dimensions set perfectly before beginning to print.


M665 [A<float>] [B<float>] [C<float>] [H<linear>] [L<linear>] [R<linear>] [S<float>] [X<float>] [Y<float>] [Z<float>]



Alpha (Tower 1) diagonal rod trim


Beta (Tower 2) diagonal rod trim


Gamma (Tower 3) diagonal rod trim


Delta height


Diagonal rod


Delta radius


Segments per second


Alpha (Tower 1) angle trim


Beta (Tower 2) angle trim


Gamma (Tower 3) angle trim