G29 - Bed Leveling

calibration Probe the bed and enable leveling compensation AUTO_BED_LEVELING_(3POINT|LINEAR|BILINEAR|UBL)|MESH_BED_LEVELING


Marlin includes three different bed leveling procedures. Each one comes with different sets of options, so documentation for these codes is divided up into three separate pages:

  • Mesh Bed Leveling describes the use of mesh-based leveling without a probe.

  • Auto Bed Leveling provides matrix-based 3-point or Linear leveling, or mesh-based Bilinear Leveling. ABL can work with or without a probe.

  • Unified Bed Leveling provides mesh-based leveling, partial probing, and many options. Matrix-based leveling isn’t included, but planar operations can be applied to mesh values.