M208 - Firmware Recover

motion Firmware-retraction recover settings. FWRETRACT


Set the added lengths and feedrates for firmware-based retract recovery. The lengths set by M208 are applied in addition to the lengths set by M207 when un-retracting (aka “recovering”) the filament. The new values will apply to all subsequent G11 commands.

The “swap” values apply to firmware-based recover moves after a tool-change.


M208 [F<feedrate>] [R<feedrate>] [S<length>] [W<length>]



Recover feedrate (units/min)


    Swap recover feedrate (units/min)


      Additional recover length. Can be negative to reduce recover length.


        Additional recover swap length. Can be negative to reduce the length.


          Set recover extra length to 0.2mm and recover feedrate to 10mm/s

          M208 S0.2 F600

          Set a retract length of 2mm and total recover length of 2.5mm

          M207 S2.0  ; 2.0mm retract
          M208 S0.5  ; 2.0mm + 0.5mm recover