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M3 - Spindle CW / Laser On

1.1.2 control Set the spindle CW speed or laser power SPINDLE_LASER_ENABLE


Wait for moves to complete, then set the spindle speed (clockwise) or laser power.


S is interpeted as the configured value range: PWM (default), Percentage, or RPM. (See CUTTER_POWER_UNIT)

M3 and M4 aren’t needed with LASER_POWER_INLINE and LASER_MOVE_POWER enabled. Power is set directly in G1G5


M3 [I<mode>] [O<power>] [S<power>]



Inline mode ON / OFF.


    Spindle speed or laser power in PWM 0-255 value range


      Spindle speed or laser power in the configured value range (see CUTTER_POWER_DISPLAY). (PWM 0-255 by default)


        Set spindle rotation clockwise at 50% with CUTTER_POWER_UNIT set to PERCENT

        M3 S50

        Set spindle rotation clockwise at 6K RPM with CUTTER_POWER_UNIT set to RPM

        M3 S5000

        Set laser power to 50% in PWM

        M3 O128

        Turn on the laser at full / SPEED_POWER_STARTUP power


        Fire laser at 80% on next G1,G2 and G3 move

        M3 S204 I