G42 - Move to mesh coordinate

1.1.2 calibration Move to a specific point in the leveling mesh HAS_MESH


The G42 command moves the nozzle to the location corresponding to a specific coordinate in the bed leveling mesh. It operates similarly to the G0 and G1 commands except that the provided coordinates are a mesh row and column instead of an absolute or relative position on the bed.

The G42 command will determine the bed position that corresponds to the provided mesh row and column and move the nozzle to that position.


G42 [F<rate>] [I<pos>] [J<pos>]



The maximum movement rate of the move between the start and end point. The feedrate set here applies to subsequent moves that omit this parameter.


    The column of the mesh coordinate


      The row of the mesh coordinate


        Move to various points on a 9x9 mesh

        G42 I0 J0 ; front left corner
        G42 I4 J4 ; center
        G42 I4 J8 ; back center
        G42 I8 J8 ; back right