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M190 - Wait for Bed Temperature

thermal Wait for the bed to reach target temperature.


This command optionally sets a new target temperature for the heated bed and waits for the target temperature to be reached before proceeding. If the temperature is set with S then it waits only when heating.


This command may block the command queue. Enable EMERGENCY_PARSER so that hosts can break in using M108.

Use M140 to set the bed temperature and proceed without waiting.

Without any parameters M190 does nothing.


M190 [I<index>] [R<temp>] [S<temp>] [T<seconds>]



Material preset index. Overrides S.


    Target temperature (wait for cooling or heating).


      Target temperature (wait only when heating).


        Cooling time in seconds to reach target temperature. Used to cool slowly to prevent warping and internal stress.


          Set target bed temperature and wait (if heating)

          M190 S80

          Set target bed temperature and wait even if cooling

          M190 R40

          Slowly cool down to 70°C over a 10 minute period

          M190 R70 T600