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T0-T7 - Select or Report Tool

control Set or report the current extruder or other tool


Use T0, T1, etc. to switch to the respective physical or virtual tool. See Universal Tool Change Settings in Configuration_adv.h for more details.

In Marlin 2.1.3 and up you can use T with no tool number to report the current tool index to the serial console.

For MMU 2 (and Clones)

See the MMU2 Special Commands page for information about special commands T?, Tc, and Tx.

For the MMU2 and clones the T0-T7 commands select a new filament. After this command you must extrude at least 38.1 mm of filament at feedrate 19.02 mm/s to reach the extruder. (The distance to the extruder may differ for your particular machine.)


T0 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]
T1 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]
T2 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]
T3 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]
T4 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]
T5 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]
T6 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]
T7 [F<feedrate>] [S<0|1>]



Movement feedrate for the tool-change.


    Specify movement in XY after the tool-change. (Default: allow)

    • S0:

      Allow movement in XY

    • S1:

      Prevent movement in XY


    Switch to tool 1 with XY move feedrate of 30mm/s

    T1 F1800

    Switch to tool 3, disallowing XY moves

    T3 S1

    Report the current tool