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M592 - Nonlinear Extrusion Control

2.2.0 motion Get or set Nonlinear Extrusion parameters NONLINEAR_EXTRUSION


Get or set nonlinear extrusion parameters.

Nonlinear Extrusion adjusts the amount of extrusion based on the instantaneous velocity of extrusion, as a multiplier. The amount of extrusion is multiplied by max(C, C + A*v + B*v^2) where v is extruder velocity in mm/s. Only adjusts forward extrusions, since those are the ones affected by backpressure.


M592 [A<coeff>] [B<coeff>] [C<coeff>]



Set the Linear coefficient (Default 0.0)


    Set the Quadratic coefficient (Default 0.0)


      Set the Constant coefficient (Default 1.0)


        Set Linear, Quadratic coefficients to 0.2, 0.3

        M592 A0.2 B0.3