M290 - Babystep

1.1.7 calibration Babystep one or more axes BABYSTEPPING


Apply babysteps to one or more axes using current units. Offsets applied with M290 aren’t added to the current coordinates, but are intended for making small adjustments, especially in the Z axis, at the start of a print.

Note that when BABYSTEP_ZPROBE_OFFSET is enabled, M290 also modifies the Probe Z Offset (with no immediate effects). The new Z offset applies to successive probing operations, and can be saved with M500. This behavior is means to coincide with the LCD Menu replacing “Z Babystepping” with “Babystep Z Probe Offset.” To avoid this side-effect, use M290 P0 or leave BABYSTEP_ZPROBE_OFFSET disabled.


Requires BABYSTEP_XY to do babystepping on the XY axes.


M290 [P<bool>] [S<pos>] [X<pos>] [Y<pos>] [Z<pos>]



Use P0 to leave the Probe Z Offset unaffected. (Requires BABYSTEP_ZPROBE_OFFSET)


    Alias for Z


      A distance on the X axis


        A distance on the Y axis


          A distance on the Z axis


            Babystep the Z axis by 0.25mm (in mm units mode)

            M290 Z0.25 ; move up 0.25mm on the Z axis