M423 - X Twist Compensation calibration Modify, reset, and report X-Axis Twist Compensation data X_AXIS_TWIST_COMPENSATION


Use M423 to reset, modify, or report X-Twist Compensation data.

X-Twist Compensation is applied to the mesh on G29) to correct for a twisted X gantry. Meaningful X-Twist Compensation data is generated using a guided procedure in the LCD menu that compares measurements taken by the bed probe to readings taken manually at the nozzle. Since manual measurements are prone to inaccuracy, a metal feeler gauge is recommended over a paper test. If the first layer is still imperfect, M423 can then be used to correct for small errors.


M423 [A<linear>] [I<linear>] [R] [X<index>] [Z<index>]



Set the X-Axis Twist Compensation starting X position.


Set the X-Axis Twist Compensation X-spacing.


Reset the Twist Compensation array to the configured default values.


Zero-based index into the Twist Compensation array. Requires a Z value.


A Z-offset value to set in the Twist Compensation array. Requires an X index.