M86 - Hotend Idle Timeout

2.2.0 control Set the hotend idle timeout. HOTEND_IDLE_TIMEOUT


Use this command to set a maximum period of time for the machine to be idle with heaters on. If the extruder temperature is above the trigger value and the machine is idle for longer than the set period, the firmware will set the temperature of all hotends and the heated bed to the configured temperatures.

Send M86 with no parameters to report the current settings.


M86 [B<temp>] [E<temp>] [S<seconds>] [T<temp>]



Bed idle temperature. The bed is set to this temperature on timeout. (Requires a heated bed.)


    Extruder idle temperature. The hotend is set to this temperature on timeout.


      Timeout period. Temperatures are reduced if the machine is idle for this period.


        Temperature trigger. Timeout only applies above this temperature.


          Reduce hotend and bed temperatures after 4 minutes with a hotend over 100

          M86 S240 T100 E40 B30