M306 - Model predictive temperature control thermal Set MPC values for a hotend. MPCTEMP



Requires MPCTEMP.

View current values with M306 and no parameters.

If EEPROM_SETTINGS is enabled, all calibration values are saved with M500, loaded with M501, and reset with M502.

Heater Power (P) is related to the heater cartridge in the hotend. Most printers have 30 or 40 watt heaters.

M306 T will move your hotend to 1mm above the bed for optimal calibration. You should ensure your hotend and print bed are free from debris before running an auto-tune.

See the Marlin MPC documentation for more information about MPC parameters.


M306 [A<value>] [C<value>] [E<index>] [F<value>] [H<value>] [P<value>] [R<value>] [T]



Ambient heat transfer coefficient (no fan).


Heatblock Capacity (joules/kelvin)


Extruder index. If omitted, the command applies to the active extruder.


Ambient heat transfer coefficient (fan on full).


Filament Heat Capacity (joules/kelvin/mm)


Heater power in watts


Sensor responsiveness (= transfer coefficient / heat capacity).


Autotune the selected extruder.


Configure MPCTEMP for 40W hotend heater

M306 P40

Configure MPCTEMP for 70W hotend heater

M306 P70

Perform MPCTEMP auto-tune - after setting heater element power

M306 T