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G76 - Probe temperature calibration

calibration Calibrate probe temperature compensation PROBE_TEMP_COMPENSATION


Calibrate temperature compensation offsets for bed and/or probe temperatures. Temperature compensation values are added to probe measurements when running G29 mesh bed leveling. Currently, calibration only heats up the bed, not the hotend. The probe is heated up by bringing it close to the heated bed and cooled down by moving it away.

See Probe Temperature Compensation for a more detailed explanation of the process.


Requires PTC_PROBE and PTC_BED.

This process can take a very long time. The timeout is currently set to 15min to allow the parts to fully heat up and cool down.

Use M500 to save the result to EEPROM.


G76 [B] [P]



Calibrate bed only


Calibrate probe only


G76 ; calibrate bed, then probe
G76 B ; calibrate bed only
G76 P ; calibrate probe only