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M605 - Multi Nozzle Mode

control Set the behavior mode for a multiple nozzle setup MULTI_NOZZLE_DUPLICATION|DUAL_X_CARRIAGE


Set the behavior mode for multiple fixed nozzles such as a Dual Extruder or DUAL_X_CARRIAGE machine.

This command behaves differently for DUAL_X_CARRIAGE vs. MULTI_NOZZLE_DUPLICATION:

  • For MULTI_NOZZLE_DUPLICATION the S2 parameter enables duplication mode. Any other value disables it.
  • For DUAL_X_CARRIAGE, this command sets the Dual X mode. See the description of S below.
  • For Mirrored Mode: M605 S2 R0 X<distance> and M605 S3.


M605 [E<index>] [P<mask>] [R<temp>] S<0|1|2|3> [X<linear>]



Last nozzle index to include in the duplication set. 0 disables duplication. (Requires MULTI_NOZZLE_DUPLICATION)


Bit-mask of nozzles to include in the duplication set. 0 disables duplication. Bit 1 is E0, Bit 2 is E1 … Bit n is E(n-1). (Requires MULTI_NOZZLE_DUPLICATION)


Temperature difference to apply to E1. (Requires DUAL_X_CARRIAGE)


Select the pin to set for all specified axes.

  • S0:

    Full control mode. Both carriages are free to move, constrained by safe distance. (Requires DUAL_X_CARRIAGE)

  • S1:

    Auto-park mode. One carriage parks while the other moves. (Requires DUAL_X_CARRIAGE)

  • S2:

    Duplication mode. Carriages and extruders move in unison.

  • S3:

    Mirrored mode. The second extruder duplicates the motions of the first, but reversed in the X axis.


X distance between dual X carriages. (Requires DUAL_X_CARRIAGE)