M260 - I2C Send

i2c Send data to the I2C bus. EXPERIMENTAL_I2CBUS


Utility to send data over the I2C bus.


M260 [A<addr>] [B<byte>] [R<flag>] [S<flag>]



The bus address to send to


    The byte to add to the buffer


      Reset and rewind the I2C buffer


        Send flag. Flush the buffer to the bus.


          Send “Marlin” to the slave device with address 0x63 (99)

          M260 A99  ; Target slave address
          M260 B77  ; M
          M260 B97  ; a
          M260 B114 ; r
          M260 B108 ; l
          M260 B105 ; i
          M260 B110 ; n
          M260 S1   ; Send the current buffer

          Request 6 bytes from slave device with address 0x63 (99)

          M261 A99 B5
          i2c-reply: from:99 bytes:5 data:hello