M193 - Set Laser Cooler Temperature

2.0.8 thermal Set a new target laser coolant temperature. TEMP_SENSOR_COOLER TEMP_COOLER_PIN COOLER_PIN LASER_FEATURE


M193 optionally sets the cooler target temperature and dwells until the cooler temperature is equal to or below the target. Values will be limited by the COOLER_MAXTEMP setting (See Configuration_adv.h). Use M143 if you want to set the target temperature without waiting or to turn the cooler off.


This command may block the command queue. Enable EMERGENCY_PARSER so that hosts can break in using M108.

Use M143 to set the cooler temperature and proceed without waiting.

Configuration settings.

COOLER_MINTEMP Provides a low end safe operating temperature, cannot be lower than 1°C. CO2 lasers tubes can be damaged with values less than 15°C.

COOLER_MAXTEMP Provides a high end safe operating temperature, when breached the system will shutdown if THERMAL_PROTECTION_COOLER is defined. CO2 laser tube life degrades exponentially at temperatures above 24°C.

COOLER_DEFAULT_TEMP LCD menu default value is 16°C.

TEMP_COOLER_HYSTERESIS The accepatble temperature variance + or - to the target.

COOLER_PIN Cooler on/off pin used to control power to the cooling element.

COOLER_INVERTING Inverts the on value to 0.

TEMP_COOLER_PIN Laser/Cooler temperature sensor pin.

COOLER_FAN Enables a fan on the cooler.

COOLER_FAN_INDEX Defines which fan to use 0,1,2 etc.

COOLER_FAN_BASE Base cooler fan PWM (0-255); on when the cooler is enabled.

COOLER_FAN_FACTOR PWM increase per °C above target.

THERMAL_PROTECTION_COOLER Enables thermal shutdown protection.

THERMAL_PROTECTION_COOLER_PERIOD Thermal protection check interval in seconds.

THERMAL_PROTECTION_COOLER_HYSTERESIS Thermal variance +- limits check interval.

WATCH_COOLER_TEMP_PERIOD Check interval in seconds before runaway condition shutdown.

WATCH_COOLER_TEMP_INCREASE Allowable increase during check interval.


M193 [S<temp>]



Target laser coolant temperature.


    Set laser coolant target temperature to 15°C and wait until it’s reached.

    M193 S15