G38.2, G38.3 - Probe target

1.1.0 calibration Probe towards a workpiece and stop on contact. G38_PROBE_TARGET


The Probe Target commands are used to probe towards a workpiece and determine its precise position. The Z endstop doubles as the probe for these commands. You might, for example, use a grounded metal workpiece, with a metal probe spliced into the Z endstop circuit.

G38.2 probes towards a target and stops on contact, signaling an error if it reaches the target position without triggering the Z endstop.

G38.3 probes towards a target and stops on contact. No error is given if it fails to trigger the Z endstop.

These commands use the current homing feedrate, by default.


These commands require G38_PROBE_TARGET.


G38.2 [F<rate>] [X<pos>] [Y<pos>] [Z<pos>]



Feedrate for the move


Target X


Target Y


Target Z