LVD-AC thinkyhead

G33 - Delta Auto Calibration

1.1.0 calibrationdelta Calibrate various Delta parameters DELTA_AUTO_CALIBRATION


With the G33 command you can:

  • Probe a circular grid of points,
  • Calibrate Delta Height,
  • Calibrate endstops,
  • Calibrate Delta Radius, and
  • Calibrate Tower Angles.


G33 [C<float>] [E<bool>] [F<1-30>] [O<bool>] [P<|0|1|2|3|4-10>] [R<float>] [T<bool>] [V<|0|1|2|3|>]



If omitted iterations stop at best achievable precision. If set iterations will stop at the set precision.


Engage the probe for each point.


Run (“force”) this number of iterations and take the best result.


Probe at probe-offset-relative positions instead of the required kinematic points.


Number of probe points. If not specified, uses DELTA_CALIBRATION_DEFAULT_POINTS

  • P0:

    Normalize end-stops and tower angle corrections only (no probing).

  • P1:

    Probe center and set height only.

  • P2:

    Probe center and towers. Set height, endstops, and delta radius.

  • P3:

    Probe all positions - center, towers and opposite towers. Set all.

  • P4-10:

    Probe all positions with intermediate locations, averaging them.


Temporarily reduce the size of the probe grid by the specified amount.


Disable tower angle corrections calibration (P3-P7)


Set the verbose level

  • V0:

    Dry run, no calibration

  • V1:

    Report settings

  • V2:

    Report settings and probe results

  • V3:

    Report settings, probe results, and calibration results