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Feature requests

Marlin has a lot of features, and there are several more in development, but we’re always open to more ideas and contributions! We keep track of feature requests in the Marlin Issue Queue. Open tagged feature requests appear on this page:

     Open Marlin Feature Requests

Before Submitting

Scan the Feature Requests list to see if a similar request is already in the queue. If there is, you can add comments to the existing request.

Read the Coding Standards (especially “Adding a New Feature”) and review them when preparing your code for submission.

Sign up for a free Github account. A Github account is required to submit a Feature Request. The process only takes a few minutes, and then you will be notified on Github as your feature progresses and be able to contribute to the feature.

Submitting a Feature Request

Go to the Marlin project page to Open a Feature Request and follow these guidelines:

  • Prefix the title with ‘[Feature Request]’ or its short form, ‘[FR]’.
  • Keep the title short and to the point. A good example would be: [FR] Add support for ACME Stepper Driver
  • Provide all relevant information about the feature.