M915 - TMC Z axis calibration

control Align ends of the Z axis and test torque TMC2130 TMC_Z_CALIBRATION


The command aims to align the ends of the X gantry (for a Průša i3-style printer). See the video demonstration below.

Using the given current, Marlin will move the Z axis (at homing speed) to the top plus a given extra distance. Since this intentionally stalls the Z steppers, you should use the minimum current required to move the axis.

Z is then re-homed to correct the position.


This command is deprecated. Use G34 (Z_STEPPER_AUTO_ALIGN or MECHANICAL_GANTRY_CALIBRATION) instead.

Requires TMC_Z_CALIBRATION and at least one TMC driver for Z axis.

If Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS is used, both should be TMC drivers.


M915 [S<mA>] [Z<linear>]



Current value to use for the raise move. (Default: CALIBRATION_CURRENT)


    Extra distance past Z_MAX_POS to move the Z axis. (Default: CALIBRATION_EXTRA_HEIGHT)

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      Set a 300mA current and press the gantry against the top for 5 extra mm.

      G21 ; Units to mm
      M915 S300 Z5