M114 - Get Current Position

hosts Report the current tool position to the host.


Get the “current position” of the active tool. Stepper values are included.

If M114_LEGACY is enabled the planner will be synchronized before reporting so that the reported position is not be ahead of the actual planner position.

Normally M114 reports the “projected position” which is the last position Marlin was instructed to move to.

With the M114_REALTIME option you can send R to get the “real” current position at the moment that the request was processed. This position comes directly from the steppers in the midst of motion, so when the printer is moving you can consider this the “recent position.”

For debugging it can be useful to enable M114_DETAIL which adds D and E parameters to get extra details.


Hosts should respond to the output of M114 by updating their current position.

G-code M154 can be used to to auto-report positions to the host, reducing serial traffic.


M114 [D] [E] [R]



Detailed information (requires M114_DETAIL)


    Report E stepper position (requires M114_DETAIL)


      Real position information (requires M114_REALTIME)


        Get the projected current position

        > M114
        X:0.00 Y:127.00 Z:145.00 E:0.00 Count X: 0 Y:10160 Z:116000