M206 - Set Home Offsets

motion Apply a persistent offset HAS_HOME_OFFSET


Use M206 to apply a persistent offset to the native home position and coordinate space. This effectively shifts the coordinate space in the negative direction. See examples below.

  • The current position is adjusted to align to the new home offset values.
  • The home offset is persistent — added to the current position until changed.
  • Some uses include fine adjustment of Z position (without moving endstops) and shifting the coordinate space to print on a different part of the bed.


  • This command isn’t available on DELTA. (For delta use M665 H.)
  • This G-code can be disabled with NO_WORKSPACE_OFFSETS to optimize movement.
  • Changing the home offsets will not invalidate bed leveling or other saved data.
  • View the current offsets with M503.
  • If EEPROM_SETTINGS is enabled, the home offsets are saved with M500, loaded with M501, and reset with M502.
  • M428 sets home offsets so the current position aligns to the native home position.


M206 [P<offset>] [T<offset>] [X<offset>] [Y<offset>] [Z<offset>]



SCARA Psi offset (Requires MORGAN_SCARA)


    SCARA Theta offset (Requires MORGAN_SCARA)


      X home offset


        Y home offset


          Z home offset


            Raise Z up a little bit on the first layer:

            M206 Z-0.2

            Shift the print area 10mm to the left:

            M206 X10