M18, M84 - Disable steppers

control Disable steppers (same as M84).


This command can be used to set the stepper inactivity timeout (S) or to disable one or more steppers (X,Y,Z,E).

If a timeout is given with S, this command just sets the stepper inactivity timeout.

If no steppers are specified, this command disables all steppers immediately.

If one or more axes are specified, this command disables the specified steppers immediately.


M18 [E<flag>] [S<seconds>] [X<flag>] [Y<flag>] [Z<flag>]
M84 [E<flag>] [S<seconds>] [X<flag>] [Y<flag>] [Z<flag>]



E Disable


Inactivity Timeout. If none specified, disable now.


X Disable


Y Disable


Z Disable