G26 - Mesh Validation Pattern

1.1.0 calibration Test the mesh and adjust. G26_MESH_VALIDATION


G26 Mesh Validation Pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with mesh-based leveling to test the accuracy of the probed mesh.

The G26 command prints a single-layer pattern over the entire print bed, giving a clear indication of how accurately every mesh point is defined. G26 can be used to determine which areas of the mesh are less-than-perfect and how much to adjust each mesh point.


Before 1.1.6 G26 requires AUTO_BED_LEVELING_UBL.

Since 1.1.7 G26 also works with MESH_BED_LEVELING and AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR.


G26 [B<temp>] [C<bool>] [D] [F<linear>] [H<linear>] [I<index>] [K<bool>] [L<linear>] [O<linear>] [P<linear>] [Q<float>] [R<int>] [S<float>] [U<linear>] [X<linear>] [Y<linear>]



Bed temperature (otherwise 60°C) to use for the test print.


    Continue with the closest point (otherwise, don’t)


      Disable leveling compensation (otherwise, enable)


        Filament diameter (otherwise 1.75mm)


          Hot end temperature (otherwise 205°C) to use for the test print.


            Material preset to use for the test print. Overrides S.


              Keep heaters on when done


                Layer height to use for the test


                  Ooze amount (otherwise 0.3mm). Emitted at the start of the test.


                    Prime Length


                      Retraction multiplier. G26 retract and recover are 1.0mm and 1.2mm respectively. Both retract and recover are multiplied by this value.


                        Number of G26 Repetitions (otherwise 999)


                          Nozzle size (otherwise 0.4mm)


                            Random deviation. (U with no value, 50).


                              X position (otherwise, current X position)


                                Y position (otherwise, current Y position)