M420 - Bed Leveling State

planner Get and/or set bed leveling state and fade height AUTO_BED_LEVELING_(3POINT|LINEAR|BILINEAR|UBL)|MESH_BED_LEVELING

Get and/or set the enabled state of bed leveling compensation, plus Z fade height.

This command has been extended with L to load a mesh for Unified Bed Leveling.


M420 [L<int>] [S<bool>] [V<bool>] [Z<linear>]

Argument Description

Load mesh from EEPROM index (Requires AUTO_BED_LEVELING_UBL and EEPROM_SETTINGS)


Enabled state


Verbose: Print the stored mesh / matrix data


Leveling fade Z height (Requires ENABLE_LEVELING_FADE_HEIGHT)


The “current position” may change in response to M420 Sn.