G27 - Park the nozzle

1.1.0 nozzle Move the nozzle to a predefined position. NOZZLE_PARK_FEATURE

Park the nozzle at a predefined XYZ position.


G27 [P<0|1|2>]

Argument Description

Z axis action

  • P0:

    If current Z-pos is lower than Z-park then the nozzle will be raised to reach Z-park height

  • P1:

    No matter the current Z-pos, the nozzle will be raised/lowered to reach Z-park height

  • P2:

    The nozzle height will be raised by Z-park amount but never going over the machine’s limit of Z_MAX_POS



The park position is defined by NOZZLE_PARK_POINT.


The most basic example is to use the command without any arguments, this will default to a move the the parking position and raising the Z-pos if lower than the default Z-park position.

G27 ; raise Z if lower

This one is useful to be used on the end-script of a print, it will raise the Z-pos by Z-park.

G27 P2 ; always raise Z