Contributing to Marlin

The Layers of Marlin

As an entirely community-supported open project, Marlin relies entirely on volunteers giving their time, effort, and insight to move the project forward. All the great stuff in Marlin 1.1 is due to a bright and engaged group of debaters, experimenters, and makers who screw up their sleep schedules, grind their steppers, and twerk their deltas so the rest of us don’t have to.

Marlin needs many types of assistance beyond the code itself.

Ways to contribute

  • Submit some code! If you know C or C++ and can help to patch bugs, fix typos, or just add helpful comments, we welcome your expertise. See “Contributing Code with Pull Requests” to find out how to submit code.
  • Test the cutting-edge! Marlin’s “nightly” build is RCBugFix. It contains the most up-to-date code at all times. While it includes patches to the most recent release candidate (yay, fewer bugs!) it also contains the freshest and most untested code. Testing is how we discover edge cases, logical errors, and setups that we failed to anticipate.
  • Produce text, images, videos! We need great documentation and promotion. Users may be wary of installing Marlin 1.1 on their old, reliable (esp. Mega2560-based) machines if they never hear about its benefits.
  • Contribute Documentation, text, images, videos! These pages need a lot more work before we’ve covered the core trinity of Configuration, Installation, and Calibration, and we want to do it in style. Going forward we’ll be needing more photos, diagrams, and YouTube videos to embed on these pages.
  • Promote Marlin! Marlin needs evangelists, enthusiasts, fans, and everyday users to tell everyone just how awesome Marlin is. Users and vendors may be wary of installing Marlin 1.1 on their trusty old and reliable (esp. Mega2560-based) hardware. Let them know that Marlin continues to evolve!