M217 - Filament swap parameters

2.0.0 calibration Set length and speed for filament swapping EXTRUDERS > 1

When changing tools on some setups, one filament may be retracted before the other is primed. This command sets the length and feedrates used for the filament swap retract and prime.

If no parameters are given this command reports the current filament swap parameters.


M217 [P<feedrate>] [R<feedrate>] [S<linear>] [X<linear>] [Y<linear>] [Z<feedrate>]

Argument Description

Prime feedrate


Retract feedrate


Swap length


Park X position. Requires SINGLENOZZLE_SWAP_PARK.


Park Y position. Requires SINGLENOZZLE_SWAP_PARK.


Z Raise.


These values are stored in EEPROM.