M32 - Select and Start

sdcard Begin an SD print from a file. SDSUPPORT

The M32 command exists to allow G-code to load other G-code files and run them as sub-programs. This can be useful to change the start / end gcode for a batch of files without having to edit them all.

For legacy reasons M32 uses ‘!’ (and ‘#’) to delimit the filepath parameter. The filepath must be the last parameter.


M32 [P<flag>] [S<filepos>]

Argument Description

Sub-Program flag


Starting file offset



This is a seldom-used beta feature that needs more testing and use-cases.


Select and start a file at offset 5022.

M32 S5022 !/boats/sailboat.gco

Select and start a file from within G-code.

M32 P !/models/lgbust.gco#

The # suffix is needed when using P to “stop buffer pre-reading” so no commands after M32 will go into the buffer until after it returns.