thinkyhead TheSFReader

M27 - Report SD print status

sdcard Print SD progress to serial SDSUPPORT

With no parameter, report the current SD read position in the form “SD printing byte 123/12345.” If no file is open the response is “Not SD printing.”

With ‘S', set the SD status auto-report interval. (Requires `AUTO_REPORT_SD_STATUS`)

With ‘C’, get the currently open file’s name (and long filename if possible). Print “(no file)” if no file is open.


M27 [C] [S<seconds>]

Argument Description

Report the filename and long filename of the current file.


Interval between auto-reports. S0 to disable.




Report current SD status

M27 S4

Report SD status every 4 seconds

M27 S4

Stop reporting SD status

M27 S0

Report currently open filename

M27 C